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These uniquely designed and patented sunglasses are based upon research conducted by a leading neuro-researcher at Harvard Medical School and endorsed by mental health professionals in the U.S. and abroad.

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Congrats to NeuView! Although this may sound too good to be true, this product is based on neuroscience — and works!

William “Bill” Donius - Business Innovation Consultant and former CEO of Pulaski Bank.

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    What the professionals say

    • Nancy Napier, LMF
      I am so pleased to have NeuView glasses to offer my patients. I find the glasses provide a gentle, effective way to clarify, and work through issues that may have been stuck or unclear. In the process of going from one side of the glasses to the other, I’ve seen the energy and distress around highly-charged issues transform into a new perspective and response. The glasses support an integration between two different points of view, Leading to a present-day, mastery-based perspective and response.
      Nancy Napier, LMF
      Psychotherapist, Trainer and Author: Recreating Your Self
    • David Grand, PhD
      NeuView Glasses have added a powerful, new healing dimension to my practice – they are invaluable. NeuView Glasses are both practical and versatile allowing me creative opportunities to invent new ways to use them. My clients love NeuView Glasses and have bought them for self use.
      David Grand, PhD
      Psychotherapist, Trainer and Author: Brainspotting
    • Victoria Britt, LCSW, LMFT
      NeuView Glasses offer incredibly swift, profound and lasting effects for a variety of clinical disorders – including trauma. They easily integrate with most therapeutic modalities and are a client friendly, powerful tool.
      Victoria Britt, LCSW, LMFT
      Psychotherapist, Trainer & Co-Author: Evolving Thought Field Therapy
    • Dina Sara Levine
      I am a holistic practitioner of several methods, and have been using and recommending NeuView glasses since early on. Professionally, I have seen NeuView work in a variety of ways, and clients who purchase them benefit from greater ease, focus and clarity. They are also able to transition out of resistance to change much more easily. Personally, I keep a pair in my car, and find driving–especially on busy highways or when going to unfamiliar places–much less stressful.
      Dina Sara Levine
      Holistic Practitioner Certified Irlen Screener Success Coaching
    • Dr. Debbie Crews, Chair World Scientific Congress of Golf
      I had the privilege of testing the specially designed NeuView Glasses. They not only showed an enhancement in golf putting but also increased “coherence in the brain.” Over 30 years of testing golf putting, this is the one finding (coherence) that persists among the best performers. This product has many uses beyond golf to help create balance in the brain.
      Dr. Debbie Crews, Chair World Scientific Congress of Golf