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1Who can benefit from using NeuView Glasses?
That’s an easy one. The short and accurate answer is – Everyone. We all do our best when we have “a balanced brain” – hemispheric synchronicity – and will experience some degree of functional disruption when, for whatever reason, one hemisphere is dominant. Stress and anxiety are common reasons for us to be “out of synch”. So, any of us who find ourselves, stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed can certainly benefit from using the glasses.
2What if I don’t experience anything different when I wear the glasses?
While the majority of people will have a response to the glasses every time they use them – the intensity of that response can vary. Some people will experience little or nothing on some occasions and then go on to have a profound response at other time. Typically, responsiveness to the glasses will be greater when the user is experiencing stress, conflict, or some emotional turmoil
3How long do I keep the window up?
Most people will experience something within the first 60 seconds or so. For other it may take somewhat longer. We encourage you to experiment and tune in to your process.
4How long does the effect of wearing the glasses last?
While is some cases the effect can be immediate and lasting, the more typical experience is that of the glasses putting us in touch with important information that can lead to lasting changes. As we repeatedly connect with information that empowers us we insure that these positive effects will be lasting. Our NeuView Glasses were designed to be user friendly and stylish, enabling and encouraging the user to make use of them on an as needed basis.
5Is there any danger or downside to using the glasses?
No – no side effects of any kind have ever been reported.

Please – if you have a question we haven’t covered here – contact us and we’ll do our best to provide the answer.