How To Use Your NeuView Glasses

Many of us have one side of our brain that is predominant and determines how we see and experience our world. The more dominant one side is over the other, the more it skews our perceptions and determines our actions. We all know “right brain” and “left brain” people. Early on in life we begin to develop an unconscious preference for using one side or the other. We are always using both sides of our brain, shifting back and forth, tapping into the special abilities to be found in each of the hemispheres. But, sometimes we get “stuck” on one side or the other – unable to connect with that part of the brain that could be most helpful. Often, this is due to stress, and it is this stress that compromises our ability to fluidly access the resources we possess. The greater the stress - the more the disruption and disconnection. You can liken it to an electrical overload in your house that causes a fuse to blow or a circuit breaker to kick in. Some rooms have light and some have gone dark.

This is where your NeuView Glasses come in. By being able to direct light into the eye from the side, your NeuView Glasses act to provide immediate stimulation to the brain. It is this increased neuronal stimulation that helps your brain’s circuitry to re-connect and restore a “whole brain” experience. Connection is what it’s all about when we’re looking to optimize our brain’s functioning. So, having said that. Let’s get to using your glasses.

Perhaps the best way to begin to see what the glasses can do is to follow this simple protocol.
Prior to putting on the glasses, select an issue, that when thought about creates some experience of distress for you. It can be a sadness from the past, something in the future that arouses anxiety, or some present moment concern – perhaps something that angers you.

Now – rate how upsetting you experience this issue to be - using a scale from zero to ten, where ten is the most distressing and zero indicates no disturbance at all.

Choose an issue that evokes a moderate to strong experience – in the five or more range. Now put on the glasses, focus on the issue, and raise one of the side windows. It doesn’t matter in which order you choose the side. Remain focused on the issue and wait 45 to 90 seconds. Now rate the level of distress you are experiencing. Repeat this same procedure on the other side.

Typically you’ll find a significant difference from one side to the other. Some people will experience a dramatic difference, while others may experience something that is more subtle at first. Subtle positive differences can be strengthened as you spend more time on the less disturbing side. Again, this shift in our experience typically occurs in less than a minute or two.
You might think of your NeuView Glasses as being “mood shifters” or “thought sharpeners”
There will be many times and ways in which your NeuView Glasses can be helpful to you. Certainly anytime that you are feeling stressed is a time to put on the glasses and see which side is more relaxing. I know, some of you are thinking, “I’ll be wearing them all day long.” Well that’ OK, there’s no down-side, no side effects. Well actually, there is a side effect, a positive one. With repeated use you will be strengthening the neuronal connections that result in feeling better.
We look forward to hearing from all of you who would like to share your experiences of using the NeuView Glasses.