Psychotherapy and NeuView Glasses


Using your NeuView Glasses requires no special training.
In this brief video you’ll see how direct and easy it is to tap into the resources of both your right and left brain.

This video features an earlier prototype of the glasses. Don't worry.
The model you will receive is the one featured on the order page.

NeuView Glasses present psychotherapists with a unique tool to help their clients discover and integrate important information about themselves within the context of the therapy setting.

As a therapist, I’ve always wanted to know “the rest of the story” – the part that once you have – makes all the rest make sense. Our client’s too, are looking for “the rest of their story” and a way to make sense of their lives.

While the glasses will be helpful to psychotherapists regardless of their theoretical persuasion, they will be found to be particularly well suited to those trained in EMDR. The glasses can help locate “target” and “resources” to be employed within the EMDR protocols. Should “looping” occur, accessing and focusing on one side or the other will often cause the “looping” to cease and bring the client back into the process. While the glasses can be used in conjunction with eye movements, audio, and/or tactile stimulation, they can also be used by themselves.

The glasses make it possible for them not only to find what they never lost but also to find what they may have doubted they ever possessed.

By alternating back and forth, one side to the other, the client can experience a “slow motion” version of the EMDR process. There can be instances where the client can feel distress on one side and the relief from that distress on the other side. It is an empowering experience for the client to feel a sense of control over the speed at which they process their experience. It should be noted that, even the anticipation of the relief can act as an integrating factor.

Therapists who want to know more about how they can integrate the glasses into their work will want to read the pioneering work, Of Two Minds, by Fredric Schiffer, M.D. We also anticipate providing you with some additional case vignettes in the upcoming months.

We look forward to hearing from, and sharing with, all of you who are using the glasses in your work. And, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions. We’ll do our upmost to reply in a speedy fashion.